Thursday, May 9, 2013

Movie 43 Trimmed Review

I had actually written a normal review for this film way back when, but I lost the flash drive that it was saved on.  So this is what I feel like writing!

Don't waste your time even thinking about seeing Movie 43.  When I saw the film upon its release I actually had some fun with it - there are some genuinely funny moments and performances that made laugh quite a bit, but after the blessing of time I have come to realize that the film was utterly worthless and incredibly offensive for most of its run-time.  Most importantly it was offensive to the host of men and women who must have been held at gunpoint when signing their contracts to star in this film.

Just don't waste your time with this movie.  Just look up some of the scenes online and spare yourself that agony of what most of this film is.

Movie 43 is an utter waste of time and an embarrassment to those who starred in it.

The Bearded Bullet.

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