Thursday, June 7, 2012

Men in Black 3 Trimmed Review

Greetings Internet!  I saw Men in Black 3 (MIB3) several weeks ago, and simply put, was too lazy to put my thoughts on digital paper.  And that's odd, considering that I liked it quite a bit.  Leading up to the release I was skeptical to say the least; I had heard about production problems and that they began filming before the script was completed.  I am very happy to report that MIB3 blew away my expectations and ended up being an enjoyable little film.

In short, I loved pretty much everything about MIB3.  Its great to see Agents J and K back on screen together, even if it seemed that Tommy Lee Jones was phoning in his role (I know, one could argue the validity of that statement due to what's happening with the character).  I haven't enjoyed Will Smith this much since probably I Am Legend several years ago.  The performances overall were fantastic; Jermaine Clement, as Boris the Animal, and Michael Stuhlbarg as Griffin were a true delight to watch.  Boris is deliciously evil and chews scenery at will.  Griffin, for me, was the best aspect of the film.  The character is incredibly original and fresh and just stole the show for me.  There is one scene in particular, involving him, J, and young K that almost brought me to tears with how simply breathtaking it was.  Oh, I can't forget about young K, played by Josh Brolin.  He doesn't imitate Jones, but he adds to the character in his own special way.

I was pleasantly surprised by the narrative in MIB3.  Coming out of the trailers all we knew was that there was time travel involving the death of K in 1969 and that J had to go back in time to stop his death and prevent an alien invasion.  Thankfully, there is so much more going on than that.  Yes, while that is the main thrust and basic premise of the plot there are more layers to it - the time travel aspect, for me, was handled quite well and was used to entertaining affect.  Going back to 1969, for an African-American male wouldn't necessarily mean the happiest of times, and I'm quite glad that the writers dealt with concept, if only for one brief scene.  They acknowledged it, had some fun with it, and moved on.  And I thought it was handled brilliantly.

I had way more fun with Men in Black 3 than I could have ever anticipated.  It was funny, smart, entertaining - and that's all it needed to be.  There are definitely worse times to be had at the theater than with MIB3.  If you enjoyed the original two, or are just looking for a decent action-comedy this summer, I recommend you check out MIB3.

Men in Black 3 is an entertaining summer action-comedy that knows exactly what it is.

Bearded Bullet.

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