Thursday, March 22, 2012

Silent House Trimmed Review

Hello Internet!  I'm not going to say much about Silent House because I don't want to spoil anything.  What I will say is that I was terrified for most of the film and constantly on the edge of my seat.  Actually, during the entire film I was cursing myself for voluntarily subjecting myself to such stresses; I'm not a huge fan of horror/suspense films.  Yet I see them anyway.

Silent House's main draw, and my favorite aspect, is the insane camera work on display throughout the film.  For those unaware, SH is presented as one long, continuous take.  So no alternate angles, no multiple cameras.  The entire film is one.  freaking.  take.  And its awesome.  In the beginning I was actively searching out instances where they might have cut and repositioned actors/props, but somewhere in the middle of the film I just stopped and allowed myself to be engrossed in the film (I only found but a few instances where a cut might've been placed).  I'm no expert of film or film making, but it was damn impressive to me.

The other big positive is the performance of the film's lead, Elizabeth Olsen.  She rarely leaves the frame for the duration of the film, and we're along for her ride into terror and madness as the film progresses.  There are instances of extreme close-ups that linger for what seems like an eternity as events transpire around that we do not see.  Most of the time what you don't see is what terrifies you the most - something that is present throughout the entire film.  The actual narrative and how the film wraps up left me a bit cold, however, and actually makes you question the rest of the film.  There are twists and turns throughout, making Silent House all about the journey, but not the destination.  If you enjoy horror/thrillers I very much recommend Silent House.

Silent House is a very interestingly-made horror/suspense thriller that ends in an unsatisfying manner.

The Bearded Bullet is off to turn on some lights..

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