Sunday, November 21, 2010

This is the Bearded Bullet

What's up Internet?

This is Kyle, one half of Two Guys, One Movie, and one fifth of The Order of the Nerd.  As the group to which I belong indicates, I'm a huge nerd and I'm super cool with it.  I manage a GameStop store, which means that I love video games; while gaming and selling games are my profession I share a general love of all things entertainment-related.  Games, movies, TV, you name it and I probably consume it.  As mentioned in the inaugural post, I absolutely love cinema; over the last couple years my consumption of movies has increased incredibly.  I'm averaging about 70-80 unique movies each year.  That number does not include ALL movies I've seen in that year..just the movies released within that year.  I'm super big on checking out all new releases, regardless of what others think and say.  I'm pretty easy-going in that respect; I'm willing to give almost anything a chance.  I'll watch just about anything, from Catfish and The Girlfriend Experience (probably unknown to casual film-goers) to blockbusters like Transformers or Prince of Persia.  While on the topic of hit franchises I have a couple favs.  Harry Potter, Star Trek, James Bond, Batman, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings top my list.  I'm generally a fan of most genre and nerd-friendly fair, most notably comic book and video game adaptations.  Some of my favorite directors include Christopher Nolan, Zack Snyder, Jon Favreau, Guillermo del Toro, David Fincher, JJ Abrams, Ridley Scott, and Clint Eastwood.  Not surprisingly, a large portion of my favorite films come from said directors: The Dark Knight, Saving Private Ryan, 300, Star Trek, Casino Royale, the LOTR Trilogy, Star Wars (original trilogy), Inception, Gladiator, Hellboy 2, Fight Club, The Prestige and Wedding Crashers just to name a few.  As you can see I enjoy a wide variety of films, which I believe gives me a unique perspective with regards to reviewing the movies that I watch.

I feel that its important that I give a shout-out to the best theater in central Pennsylvania: Penn Cinema.  I view about 99% of all of my movies there and absolutely enjoy going there, especially to their new IMAX screen that recently opened.  If it weren't for the awesomeness that is Penn and its great staff (Mike and Kenny, you guys are awesome!) I'd have to travel to inferior locations to see the movies that I love.  With all that being said, I'm not quite sure how our reviews will mentioned before, please bear with us while we figure everything out.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!  I hope you enjoy or opinions!

Kyle/Bearded Bullet


  1. what about Alien Sex Files 3?

  2. Cool idea, guys. I look forward to reading